What is the best choice of a liner pattern for my pool?
Just like choosing a paint color for a room in your home, making a choice of liner pattern for your pool is a very personal choice. Kafko offers a wide choice of patterns to suit your decorative preferences. Here are some key considerations: White Base Film liners have more vibrant color contrast, however you may notice the seams in the pool a bit more when you choose a liner printed on a white base film. Blue Base Film liners have less vibrant color contrast, but the seams are bit less noticeable. What are the colors surrounding my pool? The colors of the coping, deck, house and patio furniture are important considerations in selecting a pattern that ties into your backyard decor. Ultimately, selecting the ‘best pattern’ is part of the fun of owning a vinyl liner pool, so enjoy the opportunity to decorate your pool to your personal taste.

Can an older gunite pool be converted to a vinyl liner pool?
Yes, most can! The key to success is in the measuring and design. Kafko has experienced design engineers that can offer assistance with these types of applications.

What do I do if I get a “bathtub ring” on my liner?
This is residue build-up at the water line, which can lead to weakening of the vinyl, and is one of the major causes of premature liner failure. The combination of sun screen, lotions, body oils, and air borne pollutants are what cause the dark line. Over time, the residue will destroy the clear coat finish of the liner, which protects against UV radiation and harsh chemicals. The best defense against “bathtub ring” is to clean your tile line regularly, especially after heavy use, with an approved vinyl liner cleaning product. Check with your local pool retail professional for a cleaner, and make certain it says safe for vinyl liners.

How do I get an in-ground pool liner back in the track?
It depends on the type of coping liner track and the age of the liner. If the liner is still pliable you can slightly lower the water level and then use a hot water from a common tea kettle to heat the liner and carefully stretch the liner back into the track and use a liner lock to hold the liner in the track. Liner lock is available at some pool stores. Be very careful when doing this so as to not harm, punture, or tear your liner. If the liner is more than 5 years old or is no longer pliable, there is a chance the liner will tear when pulling into the track.

How do I determine if I should purchase a 20 gauge or 27 gauge liner?
There is no definitive answer to this. All things being equal, a heavier gauge liner will last about the same as a lighter gauge liner. What you get with the heavier gauge material is a liner that is almost 50% thicker to resist punctures, 33% stronger to aid in installation with less stretching, and better resistance to poor pool maintenance.You should discuss the cost versus function issue with your pool dealer to make the appropriate choice for your pool.

Can my pet swim in my vinyl liner pool?
We love pets, but there are a number of reasons a pet shouldn’t swim in your pool. First, it’s really not a safe environment for your pet. A pet can become confused as to how to gain egress from the pool if there is no one there to help. Household pets also create a heavy burden on the pools water chemistry and sanitization. Household pets usually have sharp claws that can damage a pool liner. While ultimately it’s your choice, these are all good reasons to keep your household pet outside of the pool.

How many gallons of water does my pool hold?
Without knowing the exact size and depth of the pool, we can only offer the following approximations. The volumes for Kafko standard shapes are shown in the In Ground Pools section. Rectangle 12×24 Pool Size 8,500 16×32 Pool Size 19,000 18×36 Pool Size 24,000 20×40 Pool Size 30,000 Oval 16×32 Pool Size 17,000 18×36 Pool Size 22,000 20×40 Pool Size 27,000 Grecian 16.5×32.5 Pool Size 19,500 18.5×36.5 Pool Size 22,000 19.5×35.5 Pool Size 24,000 19.5×43.5 Pool Size 30,000 Kidney 16×30 Pool Size 15,000 16×34 Pool Size 17,000 20×38 Pool Size 21,000

How often does Kafko change its’ liner patterns?
Just like fashions, liner colors and patterns become dated. Kafko works with designers from many industries to maintain a fashionable line of patterns. Our record proves that quite often we have been first to market with the hottest new patterns while continuing to offer the most variety of any liner fabricator.

Where can I purchase a Kafko Liner?
Unlike others, we only sell the premium Kafko brand of pool liners through authorized Kafko dealers. We do this because dealers who purchase our liners are looking to sell the best liner possible. You will not find Kafko liners available from mass merchants or Internet resellers that offer price but not value. For support before AND after the sale, look for an authorized Kafko dealer.

Can Kafko make any shape liner?
Yes, if it can be designed then we can make it. Our CAD engineers love a challenge. Sometimes, we do need to refuse to build unpratical or unsafe liners. However, that is rare.

Will I be able to see the seams in my pool?
Yes, though it will be very subtle you will be able to see the liner seams in your pool. Liners with white base film tend to make the seams more visable and liners with blue base films less so.

Will my vinyl covered steps be slippery?
You should always enter and exit your pool carefully and with a firm grasp of the handrail, regardless of the type of step. Provided that there is no algae growth on the steps a vinyl covered step should be no less or more slippery than a formed plastic in-wall step. If this is a concern for you, Kafko does offer a Tex Tread material for all vinyl covered step applications. Remember, algae isn’t always visible, so exit and enter your pool deliberately and with the use of a handrail!

Will a darker liner heat my pool?
While a darker liner may help heat the water a very, very, very small amount, the key factors are the exposure to sunlight, use of a solar blanket and a pool heater. The difference the liner color will make in terms of pool water temperatue is insignificant. This should not influence your pattern choice.

Can I save money by ordering my safety cover at the same time as my pool or replacement liner?
Yes. Kafko offers special pricing and/or rebates on the safety cover when it is purchased with a complete pool package or a replacement liner. Speak to your Kafko Dealer for more details.

What type of winter cover would be recommended for my in-ground gunite or vinyl liner pool?
We would recommend a safety cover for both types of pools. Safety Covers are designed to protect both your pool and your family. Pool covers are manufactured to your specific pool size and shape, when properly installed; the safety cover will help prevent accidental intrusion by children and pets. These covers also allow water to flow into the pool without debris. There are various types of Safety Covers, both Solid and Mesh depending on which application best suites your needs.

How do I register my Pool Liner, Safety Cover, pool wall and structure, WetStep or Triac Step, Kafko product, and SuperSpan Dome warranties?
It’s easy, go to www.yourpoolwarranty.com and register on-line!

In what colors are your swimming pool Domes available?
Choose from over 20 colors. Standard colors, Light Blue, Tan, White but Superspan Domes are also available in Aqua, Light Green, Forest Green, Avocado, Yellow, Orange, Red, Burgundy, Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Brown, Purple, Lavender, Navy Blue, Royal Blue.

What is the ideal water chemistry for my vinyl liner pool?
There are exceptable ranges for your water chemistry and they are as follows: Total Alkalinity from betweeen 80 ppm and 140 ppm. PH between 7.4 and 7.6. Calcium Hardness between 200 ppm and 400 ppm. Total Disolved Solids between 1000 ppm and 2000 ppm. Sanitizer – Chlorine between 1.0 ppm and 3.0 ppm / Bromine between 2.0 ppm and 4.0 ppm Item Range Low High Total Alkalinity 80 ppm 140 ppm PH 7.4 7.6 Calcium Hardness 200 ppm 400 ppm Total Desolved Solids 1000 ppm 2000 ppm Sanitizer Chlorine 1.0 ppm 3.0 ppm Bromine 2.0 ppm 4.0 ppm

Why do I have an algea problem in my pool?
You likely have low sanitizer levels in your pool. If your Total Alkalinity and PH levels are within acceptable ranges, then you will need to boost your sanitizer levels and ‘shock’ your pool at least every 2 weeks to ensure that you are not experiencing ‘Chlorine Lock’. You should also introduce an algaecide to the pool water as part of your weekly water chemistry maintanence.

Why is my pool water a funny color?
Brownish / Reddish color can indicate the presence of metals like iron in your water or a larger scale water imbalance. Greenish / bluish color can indicate high levels of PH. Cloudy Water indicates a number of possible problems including early onset of algea growth, high TDS levels, High PH levels, High Total Alkalinity levels, High Calcium Hardness levels.

Is it important to Stabilize my pool water?
Yes, it is very important for several reasons. First, it will provide for effecient use of the chlorine in your pool. Second, it will help protect the surfaces of your pool, such as the liner, during the times when sanitizer levels are higher, such as when the water is being ‘shocked’.